My Favorite 5: Mary Lorraine

You can always count on Mary Lorraine, fondly known as ML around these parts, for the following: 1)  A vast knowledge of Pop Culture past and present 2)  Laugh out […]

Give The Drummer Some! Top Notch Drummers Power Production Music Library Tracks

What’s the biggest difference between a drummer and a large pizza?  A large pizza can feed a family of 4.  Bah-dump CHING! We drummers have heard it all and are […]

New And Noteworthy!

Pull out the BBQ and hose down the Slip N’ Slide, Summer is finally here!!  We’re wiping the sweat off our brows and sipping plenty of Orange Crush while getting […]

Brian Rule Productions Cooks Up 5 Alarm Reels for NAB!

Every April, thousands of people in the entertainment industry descend onto Sin City for the NAB Conference.  It is actually the largest convention Vegas hosts!  5 Alarm Music attends every […]

New And Noteworthy!

We’re bursting at the seams with tons of new placements!  If song placements were Bon Bons, we would need to be contestants on the next season of The Biggest Loser.  […]

New And Noteworthy!

5 Alarm Music is off to a blazing start in 2010!  Those extra holiday pounds are history and my New Years resolutions are sticking like white on powdered sugar (wink, […]