Exciting New Developments for 2016!

It’s been a very busy six months at 5 Alarm Music! We were acquired by ole, the world’s fastest growing independent rights management company, moved offices from Pasadena to Burbank, and added a fantastic new team member.


So who is ole? ole is one of the world’s foremost rights management companies with investments of over $500M in music intellectual property (IP). Founded in 2004, with operations in Toronto, Nashville, New York, Los Angeles and London, ole is engaged in IP acquisitions, creative development, and worldwide rights management. The ole catalog includes over 50,000 songs and 60,000 hours of TV and film music across all genres. Copyrights under ole’s control include songs recorded by artists such as the Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé, Blake Shelton, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Michael Jackson, One Direction, Rihanna, Rush, Taylor Swift, and Timbaland.

ole controls substantial A/V music and secondary rights including catalogs from Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM, Miramax, Nelvana, and Nu Image/Millennium, as well as an extensive production music library of over 750,000 tracks including Jingle Punks, 5 Alarm Music, MusicBox, Nelvana Production Music, Auracle, and Cue.

We’re all very excited to be a part of the ole family and the transition means we are also repping quite a few awesome new libraries, and handling all the new clients and relationships that come along with all of these quality catalogs.

Beta Rhythm Farm – Rhythmic Invention, Sound and Motion beyond the ordinary. Raw to refined.

Beta Rhythm Farm library logo

Boom Music – Boom Music is a diverse, contemporary catalog of highly useful, media-friendly styles from harmonic blues to the latest electro styles. All of BOOM’s music is passionately played, full of energy and recorded superbly.


Camaleon – Popular Latin Artists drive this collection of reggaeton, hip hop, merengue and dance.

CdA Distribution (Camaleon)

Clockwork Orange Music – Characterized by compositions that are ideally suited for television programs, documentaries, commercials and other audiovisual productions. Beautiful, melodious music beds composed by composers who have earned their spurs.


CUE – A collection of dramatic underscore and various popular genres.


EPIC – By Survivor, Fear Factor, Pirate Master composer Russ Landau. Powerful orchestral music for winners, heroes, the terse, the nominated, the eliminated, cliffhangers, judgement day, tragedy and adventure.

Landau Music Group (EPIC)

Full Clip Music – Frankensteined hybrids spanning every genre of rock, hip hop, orchestral and electronic music that will instantly grab hold of your ears with their mismatched hands.

full clip logo

Gourd Music – With various ensembles of guitar, cello, flute, oboe, harp, fiddle, hammered and mountain dulcimer, banjo, mandolin and more. Gourd Music creates texture and tone color. Part folk, part classical – and uniquely Gourd’s.

Gourd Music (gourd_music)

Hens Teeth Music – An underground library from Down Under, featuring uplifting slices of indie electro pop.

Hens Teeth Music (hens_teeth_music)

ICON – A new breed of trailer music combining the emotional sound of a live orchestra with modern recording and mixing techniques and contemporary instrumentation.

Icon Trailer Music (Icon)

L’il G’rilla Music – Kicking it old school with great contemporary live recordings of old soul style tracks with awesome horns.


Music for Sport – Tailored for media by some of today’s top UK composers. Whether you are sports based or not, you will find this modern music library extremely useful.


Nelvana – Nelvana Production Music offers you access to the orchestral drama, swinging jazz bands and hard to find niche music from calliope to spaghetti western.


Private Reserve – A collection representing a cross section of genres, styles and moods.

Bergman Music (Private Reserve)

Scorebuzz Music Library – Scorebuzz Music is an original collection of film scores and contemporary tracks. We cover a wide range of musical styles and genres to fit any and all media needs.


Spider Cues – Epic cinematic energy and high impact music for soundtracks, television and film.

Labrador (Spidercues)

The Pitch – A collection of songs perfect for your next corporate production or infomercial.

Scared American (The Pitch)

Tread Music Library – A distinctive catalog of genre-hopping rock and electronic hybrids from composer Troy Stoilkovski

Tread Music Library

Vibey Library – Real Ska/Reggae and eclectic Sixties Pop Punk from real bands recorded the old school way for new school production needs.

Vibey Library

Vibey Underscores – A new music library dedicated to Beds, Drones, Atmospheres and Underscores. Grouped in Musical Genres and Moods. If you’re looking for that subtle little rhythmic conga touch, thumbing underscore or atmospheric mood…we have it.

New Repped in CANADA

4 Elements Music – Built for today’s discerning and fast moving music users, the 4 Elements Music Library is packed with carefully selected, creative music to take projects to new heights.

4 elements library logo

Blue Dot – The coolest new broadcast/netcast music on the planet. Designed exclusively for ultra fast commercial production, targeted to match your audience.


Brand X Music  – Widely regarded as the premiere music library for motion picture and advertising.


BURN – Loaded with energy. Rock, hip hop and dance tracks from the hottest producers packaged into broadcast-ready edits for grabbing attention and never letting go.


Crush – A blistering new collection of high energy production music for sports and action. A rock-based explosion of pure adrenaline, Crush is perfect for sports highlights, hard-driving car commercials or any other situation that calls for maximum impact.

Crush Logo

Deep East Music – Based in Soho, London and set up by Ciaran McNeaney and Alex Marchant.


Flashpoint – Global security or local trouble? FlashPoint is the soundtrack of real life drama.


Indie Production Music – Using first-rate production with hints of retro, the Indie Production Music Library captures the elusive but unmistakable sound of independent film soundtracks.


L.A. Edition – L.A. Edition is the editor’s choice for contemporary film and television production.


Mediatracks – Established 15 years ago, Mediatracks Music Library is a UK independent music library, delivering the best in British contemporary themes and commercials.


Music Outside the Box – The world’s most perception shattering, ear bending, paradigm shifting music tracks.


Omni – An 8200-plus-track music resource packed with the highest quality music tracks in the styles most needed for any contemporary media production.


Posthaste – PHM is a full service catalog for motion picture advertising that creates original music and scores for trailers, commercials, television and film.


Sonic Quiver – Sonic Quiver is an electrified and vibrant mix of moods and styles. This collection has been designed with aesthetics in mind and offers music that is original and useful.

The Music People sonic_quiver

Spice Vocal Libray – A collection of fresh and powerful songs from some of the best songwriters.


As you can see, we’ve got a wide and varied range of fantastic new music to offer our clients, and lots of new clients to show our libraries off to. It’s definitely an exciting time for us!

Our new offices in Burbank are an amazing, fresh new space adjacent to Warner Brothers and many other Burbank landmarks. After 15 wonderful years in Old Town Pasadena, it was hard to part with our funky old digs, but we’re loving the new view from the 8th floor!


All of us here at 5 Alarm is also very excited to welcome Lindsay Stella to our team as Account Executive. Originally from Simi Valley, CA, Lindsay has a background in music clearance and music supervision, having previously worked at EMG Inc and Full Pursuit. She also spent many years as a touring musician with well-regarded indie bands. She collects instruments (Lindsay plays piano, violin, bass and guitar!), loves to play softball and has hilarious stories behind some of her tattoos. Welcome, Lindsay!


And that’s just a little sampling of what’s been going on in these parts for 2016. Lots of new exciting developments to write about in the weeks to come!