Make the Excitement Last Longer

It gives me great joy to post these three spots to our brag reel.  Not only because I’m a Minnesotan (and they are for the MN Lottery), but also because I think the team from Drive Thru and Colle + McVoy did a great job picking the right music tracks for these commercials.

We tried lots of different musical genres, styles, and tempos for these spots.  Everyone wanted the music to really work with the picture in a sort of tongue-in-cheek, overly dramatic way.  In the end, the creative team felt that classical music was the way to go.

In my humble opinion these came out great–and just like the commercials’ slogan ‘Make the Excitement Last Longer,’ the trial and error of dozens of attempts at finding the right production music, was well worth the final reward of getting three great spots to throw on our brag reel :)

Without further adieu…

MN Lottery: Coach

MN Lottery: Librarian

MN Lottery: Two Guys

(if you can’t see the videos, click here to view them in a web-browser)