Top 5 Reasons 2009 Was Hot for 5 Alarm Music

2009 was an interesting year replete with bank scandals, planes landing atop rivers, wild Tigers running loose around town and reality TV “shaping” our lives (hey, doesn’t American Idol start again soon?). We said goodbye to the King of Pop and we said “hello” to The Beatles, again. Capitalism revealed its softer side whilst bailing out automakers with bad judgment and car models that couldn’t keep pace. But for the rest of us in the free market, we all know that with a good solid product along with customer service and competitive pricing, you will weather the toughest storm. 5 Alarm Music was fortunate to round off a very successful year with an unprecedented amount of music licensing, music production and partnerships. Here are the top five reasons why 2009 was hot for 5 Alarm Music:

5. The year of our very first product launch- Sonic Fire Pro5 music library software.

4. Search & Download site voted “best web user interface, ever” (ask anyone who’s tried the rest!).

3. Offered our own economic stimulus plan with our competitive licensing rates.

2. Our music was placed in 25 feature films and over 60 television programs.

1. We added 7 new amazing libraries to 5 Alarm, maintaining our status as the biggest and best independent music library in the country!

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