Music And Movies = The Fonz And His Leather Jacket: 5 Alarm Music In The 85th Annual Academy Awards

When you live in Los Angeles, you always know The Oscars are upon us when Hollywood Boulevard loses a lane at a time until it is ultimately closed off.  Isn’t […]

New Year, New Music: The Newest Fab 4 CDs From 5 Alarm Music

New Year’s resolutions made in January tend to fade quickly into the February sunset.  Before you pay that second monthly bill to the gym, those new gym clothes tend to […]

The End Is Near – New Seasonal Production Music: 10/12/12

It’s hard to believe that 2012 is nearing its end.  Not in any Nostradamus-Mystical-Mayan Calendar kind of way, but more in a “why-are-there-Christmas-displays-in-this-store-already???” kind of way.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are […]