Wait…..TerriLynn Who??

As the last two blogs have stated, we have had some great new additions here at 5 Alarm.  On paper it would appear as if we have a new team member to announce.  Her name is TerriLynn Massey and she bears an eerie resemblance to TerriLynn Rosa.

Imposter I say!!  Who is this TerriLynn Massey and what has she done with the TerriLynn Rosa we all know and love?!  Before you start throwing punches or report a kidnapping ala Single White Female, I think it’s important to state that TerriLynn Massey and TerriLynn Rosa are indeed the same gal fondly referred to as TL around these parts. Not only that, but a hearty congratulations are in order! TerriLynn officially left the single life behind and got married on July 28th to a very lucky JD Massey. Congrats TL and JD, may you two grow up to be like these guys one day!