5 Alarm Music Really Cooks!

Pop quiz time!

5 Alarm Music is to productions as fire is to ________.

A) Flames

B) Your Mom

C) Your BBQ

D) A place to put all quizzes

If you answered C, you are correct!  5 Alarm Music adds the heat to any production, so it’s no surprise we also know a thing or two about the fine art of a tasty BBQ.  Check out these pictures of our 5 Alarm family donning our cool BBQ apparel:

This picture comes to us all the way from Costa Rica!  You gotta love a country that is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and does not fear the mustache.

This guy looks like he can grill up an entire Ox without breaking a sweat.  All hail the Barbecue King!

Dan Korobkin from CueMx shows some pride for his grill and makes a strong case for bringing the chef hat back in style.  Lookin’ good, Dan!

This guy is saying, “What me worry?  This whole barbecue situation is under control.”  Seriously.

Keep em’ coming!  Barbecue season is right around the corner, so show us your 5 Alarm love!