The Story Of Our Lives: New Releases – 5/31/13

How many times have you heard a song and thought, “This song is a page out of my diary.”  It’s as if the songwriter sneaked into your brain while you […]

Maximum Minimalism: New Production Music – 11/11/11

One of my favorite movies of all time is American Beauty. Kevin Spacey’s character, Lester Burnham, is the ultimate everyman who finally takes control of his miserable life. Favorite line: […]

Hot Tunes Time Machine: New Production Music – 7/23/10

Music throughout the ages act like a chronological time line of our history.  Some music reminds us of the fads that were popular at the time, while other music has […]

The Art Of Vacation: New Production Music – 6/18/10

For comedy, electronica and acoustic guitar film and television production music that mirrors the European lifestyle, look no further! For these and many other great tracks from the Primrose music library, visit our website –