Armchair Quarterbacks Unite! New Sports Production Music – 10/21/11

Football fans are a rare breed. They wear more face paint than Gene Simmons, eat super fire hot wings until tears roll down their inflamed cheeks and some even swig […]

Whatcha Gonna Do? New Crime Production Music – 3/18/11

Crime doesn’t pay……but it sure does make for good television and movies!  Whether you’re rooting for the heroine or the bad boy heroin dealer, nothing beats a good crime drama.  […]

A Fresh Dose of Brilliance: New Production Music – 7/30/10

Brilliance wears many different hats.  It can take the form of an innovative invention that makes our lives easier or a diplomatic solution to ensure peace.  Sometimes brilliance can take […]

“It”: New Releases – 5/21/10

Picture this: You’re at a party.  Small circles of conversation are scattered around the dimly lit room and Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie breaks up the din […]