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Noteworthy Placements 5/3/13

It’s safe to say that all of us at 5 Alarm Music are big fans of TV shows and movies of all genres.  It’s always a thrill to get placements in our favorite shows and movies, that’s one thing that will never get old!
Here are some of our latest music placements:


The Purge (Trailer)


This uplifting tale of an annual day of completely legal murderous mayhem features a custom arrangement of America The Beautiful from our very own Christy Carew in the trailer (starting at 1:47).  So when you have nightmares scored with her haunting choral masterpiece tonight, you can give her a call and thank her personally!

The Iceman


As the old saying goes, “Fact is stranger than fiction.”  Iceman starring Michael Shannon and Winona Ryder is a chilling story based on the notorious contract killer/family man Richard Kuklinski and illustrates how people can hide in plain sight.  Tracks from 5 Alarm Music, Atlantic 7 and Source In Sync music libraries help paint the picture of suspense and drama.




The great American pastime has had some hiccups when it comes to racial equality.  Jackie Robinson made large advances toward equality when he signed on with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946 becoming the first African American professional baseball player.  42 starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford is a biography of his courage and bravery.  Listen for a classic period jazz piece from The Cavendish Music Library!

Mad Men


We are already discovering what kind of trouble the iconic Don Draper can get into all over again in season 6, but somehow it’s always scandalous and unexpected.   Tune in this Sunday for more tantalizing storytelling and enjoy hearing tracks from the Cavendish Music Library and Deneb Records.  And don’t forget to pour yourself an Old Fashioned to mark the occasion!


The Office


Somehow The Office is an eerily accurate depiction of the 9-5 universe at large without being a cliche.  It’s best not to drink beverages while watching this show because they are bound to be sprayed out all over your TV from bursts of uncontrollable laughter after a dry Dwight one-liner or witnessing Steve Carell’s brand of physical comedy.  We got a recent placement from our very own 5 Alarm Music library, we are sad to see this show end its hilarious run on May 16th.  Dunder Mifflin 4eva!


The Following



Kevin Bacon is an FBI agent on the hunt for the elusive serial killer Joe Carroll who has formed an underground cult of fanatical killers.  This show opens the cellar door and draws you in with the same curiosity that killed the cat.  Our most recent placement features achingly beautiful Classical Music from the AVC Music Library.

The Good Wife


Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies, proves that you can bounce back from a colossal public scandal and regain your mojo if you put your mind to it.  The title of this show is deceptive and features deeply intelligent commentary on politics and law.  Our latest placement from the Source In Sync music library can keep up with the conversation!
Other notable placements:

Last Man Standing












Disney’s Lovestruck: The Musical








Chicago Fire






Person of Interest


The Middle



Worldwide Commercial for Huggies
National Cable TV Commercial for Smirnoff
National Cable TV Commercial for Subway
National Cable TV Commercial for Diet Pepsi