Cinemasounds Creeps Out Legion Trailer

As if images of little old ladies morphing into evil demons isn’t scary enough, 5 Alarm’s very own Cinemasounds Music Library helps set the menacing tone for the Legion movie trailer.  This feature film tackles the heavy topic of the apocalypse brought on by God’s disapproval of mankind.  Michael The Archangel and select diner patrons are humanity’s last hope for survival.  Do we have soundtracks for the annihilation of all humanity?  Why yes we do!  Call To The Storm by Gabe Shadid is one of many explosive edge-of-your-seat scores from Cinemasounds, so be sure to check it out!

If you are brave enough to go to theaters this Friday for Legion’s opening night, be sure to listen for 5 Alarm’s own custom arrangement of “O Come All Ye Faithful” featuring the fabulous vocals of our very own Mary Lorraine Stewart, Tyler Harp and Kevin Facer.

Great, now I’m never going to volunteer at the retirement home ever again!