NBC’s Life is back!

I’m a huge fan of NBC’s show Life, and it’s not just because the lead guy is Winters from Band of Brothers (but that did help get me hooked in the first place).  The show centers around an LAPD detective, who was wrongly convicted of a crime, and served 12 years in prison (he was sentanced to “Life” get it?) before being proven innocent and set free.  Sound interesting?  It is!

Needless to say, as a fan/addict of the show, it’s a double bonus for me when we get placements for one of our Rescue Records artists or music libraries on the show.  We had numerous placements throughout the first season, and we have been working hard on the 2nd season too.

Here is a great clip from the beginning of the last episode of first season (got that?) featuring Rescue Records artist Alan Reid‘s song “Alarm and Trip.”

So what happens in Season 2?  Sorry–can’t tell you!  You’ll have to get your life spoilers somewhere else.  Keep up the good work Sargent Winters–I mean Detective Crews; we’ll be watching!