We’re in Screen Magazine’s Production Music issue!

This past April at NAB I got the pleasure of meeting Robert Leach who is the editor of Screen Magazine, in Chicago.  Robert had heard about our new Search & Rescue system, and wanted to see how it was different (ehem–better) than that of other production music companies, so he stopped by our booth to check it out.  He interviewed me (I think I can safely say it was my first official interview by the “press”), and he later interviewed Cassie.

After the interview, we were shooting the breeze, and we realized that Robert and I grew up less than 4 miles away from each other, in Coon Rapids, MN of all places!  (yes that’s really the name of the town where I’m from, yes I actually moved back there a couple years ago, yes it’s probably the worst town name since Disappointment, KY) ) We played baseball at the same parks, swam at the same pools, and got happy meals at the same McDonald’s.

Check out the latest article from Screen Mag’s “Production Music” edition (or something like that) from June 9th.  Click the image to the right to be taken there.