We’ll Miss You, Craig!!!

For over 3 years, 5 Alarm Music has been lucky to have Mr.Craig Key on our team.  We report with great sadness that he will be moving to Antarctica to study the Antipodean Albatross which is on the endangered species list.  When asked about this new endeavor, he responds:

“My fascination with the Antipodean Albatross started when I was a child.  I was flipping through my family’s Encyclopedia Brittanica and I turned right to it…almost as if it was calling my name.  I knew at that moment that my life’s mission is to save this beautiful sea bird from extinction!”

5 Alarm Music may be losing a superb team member, but we must remember that Antipodean Albatrosses all across the world will benefit from all of Craig’s efforts.


Actually, Craig will be leaving 5 Alarm to pursue his passion of internet marketing.  We’ll miss Craig not only as a stellar sales rep, but as an all around swell guy!!  Good luck to you Craig!!