Rescue Records Proudly Presents SIRIS


Rescue Records is proud to present the music of SIRIS. The critically acclaimed rock group was formed by brothers Michael and Patrick Maley in 1996 and is best known as the first Western act in music history to release an original Chinese language album. Since their 1997 Chinese debut, their unique brand of Chinese- English pop/rock music has continued a successful tradition of building a cultural bridge between East and West. SIRIS currently has several hit singles in the Chinese market, including: God Bless Sichuan, What’s The Reason and Xing Fu. In 2008, they released their fifth studio album entitled “8”. The new album was the first full-length “double” Chinese- and English-language album ever released. Rescue Records is proud to represent the diverse Chinese and English language works of this groundbreaking band.

Click the following links for video footage:

MTV China Appearance

SIRIS Music Video – What’s The Reason