5 Alarm Rocks The Pink House

Plot: Down to earth Mid-Western gal moves to Manhattan Beach in search of a fun way to spend her 20’s.  Residing in the house behind her apartment (a pink house perhaps?) are two fellow good-hearted Mid-Western guys who share her zest for life and a neighborly friendship.  Features some awesome music from the best production music library in the entire universe: 5 Alarm Music.

Thus is the storyline for NBC’s new pilot for The Pink House starring American Idol Finalist/Recording Artist/Actress Katharine McPhee (OK, maybe the last sentence was an act of creative license from the author.  Maybe…..).  The 5 Alarm choir crew was up to the task of recording some custom music for the show at Firehouse Recording Studios yesterday and looked darn good doing it!  They’ve seen a million faces, and they’ve rocked them all….