Production Prayers Answered

The 5 Alarm crew attended the Spring 2009 Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (or the WFX for those in the know!) with the glory of our signature flame-fringed bowling shirts. This event puts all things church production & facilities conveniently under one roof for the church folks.

Looking to improve the sound quality of your facility (btw Joab Perdue, if ever you need my “soundology” advice, just holler!)? How about an architect that’ll draw up the plans for a church by the beach and a bank that’ll loan you the money for it? My favorite product was one that takes the funk n’gunk out of mic foams.

As we preached the gospel of 5 Alarm’s production music, our Sonic Fire Pro5 program took center stage. It’s a hit with the indie docu-filmaker and with the guy entrusted with the chore of producing weekly sermon illustration. It was great witnessing the enthusiasm around the ease of use and ability of this customizable music library, or what one A/V attendee labeled as “prayers-answered-in-a-box” (yes, MAC or PC compatible).

We’ve been happy to provide our  music products & services to our church clients for over 8 years now and have facilitated the creative process and saved creative directors a lot of headaches- no lie! Need ancient Egyptian music with authentic mizmar woodwinds?

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… give me a call! We’ll play “stump the search engine.”

Big props to Carey Huxsaw of EH Events for her coordinating prowess and to the good folks at Bose & Design Identity for sponsoring the coffee bar. The midday caffeinated delights helped to keep us going (by the way, Danny Donnely, great crooning).